Winter Engagement| Emma & Jordan

I have to admit, I was nervous about photographing a Winter engagement session. Boy was I wrong!I actually really hope some future brides opt for a Winter engagement session, it was so much fun! The snowy backdrop added a cozy and romantic vibe to the session that you just couldn’t get in any other season. Winter may not be my favorite season, but I’ll all for taking photos in it from now on!

The Proposal

I first met Emma and Jordan at their friends wedding in 2020. Emma was the MC and Jordan was one of the groomsmen. I noticed them immediately, they were just so adorable together. There was one point, Jordan was whispering in Emma’s ear at the reception and then he started to bend down… I thought, THIS IS IT! he’s proposing! It was a false alarm that day but it wasn’t too long before he actually did it.

Jordan had it all planned. He asked Emma out for a fancy dinner, but Emma wasn’t feeling fancy and asked to go eat at their local pub instead. Change of plans! Jordan was quick to adjust. He called a friend, asked them to decorate their home with rose petals and candles. He played it cool at dinner and once they arrived home Emma was confused why there was a light on in the house. She turned and even though Jordan had prepared this big speech about how much he loved her, all he could say was “Will you marry me?” and then he burst into tears! She immediately joined in the tears and screamed YES!

Engagement Photos

I was so excited when Emma reached out to me. As you can see in the photos below, they’re just the most adorable couple. They’re always laughing and having fun with each other. It’s a genuine love that anyone can see as soon as they’re in a room with them.

We couldn’t have asked for a better day, the sun was out, no wind and it was fairly mild. Emma and Jordan showed up looking picture perfect and so in love. We laughed and played in the snow, the results were amazingly beautiful.


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