Samantha & Jean | Beach Wedding Beresford

They first met and became friends in Grade 6 when Samantha switched over to Jean’s school. Time passed and then came high school. Samantha and Jean were now on the same bus and started sitting together, talking and getting to know one another. Soon they were sneaking out of the house to meet one another and friendship turned to dating. They’ve been by each others side since then. 11 years later, Jean asked Samantha to be his forever and there was no doubting her answer was YES!

Their wedding day was everything you could ask for. Temperature: perfect; weather: perfect; bride and groom: PERFECT! On July 29, 2016 Samantha and Jean pledged their love for one another on the beautiful Beresford Beach, beside the ocean. Family and friends gathered to watch them exchange vows and party like rock stars into the night.

Samantha and Jean were truly a joy to work with. The love that they have for one another is plain to see to anyone in the same room as them. They compliment each other perfectly and their love seems to come so easily. You can tell that for them, friendship came first and they have built an amazing relationship based on that foundation.

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