Fall Engagement | Sarah & Mike

I know I say this all the time but… I LOVE Fall Engagement sessions in fields!!!!! There’s a glow that you cannot get in any other season. Fields in the Fall are meant for engagement sessions!!!

Sarah and Mike arrived at the field looking so happy and in love it instantly put me in an even better mood. They immediately told me that they were nervous as they weren’t comfortable in front of the camera. Well I think we changed that! Little did they know, they’re naturals. Mike has even been crowned the King of the nuzzle!

The Proposal

Sarah and Mike are avid hikers. One of their first ever dates was going on a hike! So when Mike decided to propose, he knew he had to incorporate hiking in some way. Mike suggested they go on the Welsford mountain hike (the one they did on their first date) but Sarah didn’t want to do it again and asked if they could do the Split Rock hike instead. He had to change plans on the fly, but Mike went with it. They hiked for 2 hours, arriving at the location of the old lighthouse. They sat by the water, admiring the views. Mike casually mentioned what a beautiful day it was, and then threw in “wouldn’t it be great if we could have days like this forever?” Sarah thought that seemed odd but didn’t say anything. Mike pulled out the ring and quickly asked her to marry him. Sarah was so surprised and shouted YES! *cue dreamy sighs*

Engagement Session

As I’ve said before, you can never go wrong with a Fall engagement session. The sun creates this magical glow that instantly elevates the romance level in photos! Sarah and Mike were so nervous at first but once they warmed up, they were naturals. They clearly love one another so much and that always makes a session go smoothly. I cannot wait for their wedding day, it’s going to be beautiful!

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