Cuba Destination Wedding|Justin & Cheryl

When I arrived in Cuba for the destination wedding, it was perfection. The sand was so soft and perfectly white, the water was cool and salty, the breeze kept you from feeling too hot. It made me so excited for the week ahead and the wedding that was coming. However, the weather in Cuba the week of Cheryl and Justin’s wedding can only be described as “iffy” at best. There were days it was so cold, people were wearing coats. Even the resort staff were shocked at the weather. To say we were worried would be an understatement, but on the day it was nothing but blue sky, sunshine and Caribbean breeze. It could not have been a more perfect day if I had requested it myself. Cheryl, who had recently lost her God Father was certain he had something to do with the perfection of their wedding day.

I have always dreamed of photographing a destination wedding. I knew it would happen someday, but when Justin asked me to photograph his wedding in Cuba, I was screaming on the inside! It was a dream come true! Not only was it a dream location, but the couple was probably the best couple I could have asked for. Their family made me feel like family and I can honestly say I enjoyed each and every day I spent with them.

The location was everything you could want for a Cuba destination wedding, soft white sand, gorgeous aqua sea, palm trees blowing in the wind. Cheryl had asked that the ceremony be set up in a circular pattern, so that they could be surrounded by family. It was truly beautiful to see.

When I asked them how they first met, I got some giggles… They had met on Tinder. That’s right, the app. They say it was love at first swipe 🙂 Not long after sending messages to each other, they met in person. The conversation flowed seamlessly and they quickly knew they wanted to only see one another. One day, after they had been dating for awhile, Cheryl realized they were both having a terrible week so she stopped and bought him a chocolate cupcake as a surprise. She got home and called out to him to come to the kitchen, she had a surprise for him. Justin said to come to him, he was busy. She walked into the room all ready to present him with his cupcake, only she found him standing there holding an engagement ring! Needless to say her answer was YES and the cupcake was quickly forgotten.

Cheryl and Justin’s love for one another is truly a joy to witness. They’re not only husband and wife, but the best of friends. I want to say thank you to both of you for allowing me to be a part of your day and I want nothing more for you than many years of being one another’s love and best friend.

XOXO Nicole



Dress: Maggie Soterro Designs sold by Ilise Boutique

Tuxedo: Grafton sold by Tip Top Tailors

Makeup: MAC Cosmetics, done by the Bride

Hair: Guylaine Richard, Extensions Bombay Tape Ins

Lip Balms: Wedding Star

Cufflinks: LA Goldsmith

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