Chantal + Duncan | Fall Engagement


There’s nothing I love more than photographing people in love during the Fall. There’s just something special about that time of the year. Maybe it’s because of the chill in the air, everyone wants to get cozy and snuggle. Which is perfect for me! As you’ll see below, Chantal and Duncan rocked their Fall engagement session. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding day!

We met at Chantal’s parents camp, nestled in the woods in Sunny Corner, New Brunswick for their engagement session. The camp is located on a BEAUTIFUL property along the Northwest River. The Fall air was crisp and the leaves were starting to fall. Chantal and Duncan were adorable enough, but they also brought their puppy!!! If you know me, you know I am crazy for dogs! As in I will walk up to complete strangers to talk to their dogs… King was an absolute scene – stealer and tried his hardest to be the star. This little family is wonderfully photogenic and I’m sure their wedding is going to be stunning.

How They Met

Chantal and Duncan both attended the same university. Duncan knew when he first saw Chantal in class that he had to get to know her. He started arriving at class 20 minutes early, just so he could make sure he sat beside her. Eventually they got to know each other better through a group project, which gave Duncan the perfect excuse to add Chantal as a friend on Facebook. He persisted, asking her out a few times before Chantal finally said yes. When they finally did begin dating, he pulled out all the stops and made sure every date was a date as romantic as you’d see in the movies. How could she say no when he asked her to marry him? She couldn’t and now they’re planning a romantic wedding for Summer 2019.



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