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Small Intimate Wedding | Danica & Eric

Danica and Eric’s wedding day was originally planned to be a big affair. When COVID-19 changed everything they had to think quickly and rearrange all their plans and their guest list. They opted for a small, intimate wedding day and it was simply perfect. The rain that threatened all day held off and they were…

Wedding Planning During Covid-19

On a good day wedding planning can be frustrating, but couples are now having to face a whole new level of frustration; wedding planning during the COVID-19 pandemic. You now have decisions to make that you never imagined you’d need to make. Do you reschedule your wedding to a later date? Do you move forward…

Cuba Destination Wedding|Justin & Cheryl

When I arrived in Cuba for the destination wedding, it was perfection. The sand was so soft and perfectly white, the water was cool and salty, the breeze kept you from feeling too hot. It made me so excited for the week ahead and the wedding that was coming. However, the weather in Cuba the…

Mykonos | Wanderer’s Paradise

I’ve always dreamed of traveling to Greece, visiting the islands, seeing their beauty first-hand. I can’t say I was disappointed when we arrived in Mykonos. The sea in Mykonos is an indescribable colour. It’s somewhere between turquoise and royal blue. It’s both dark and so clear you can see all the way to the bottom.…

Chantal & Duncan | Intimate Wedding

  I honestly have never experienced such a personal and intimate wedding day. It brought tears to my eyes to witness the devotion and love that Chantal and Duncan have for one another. Duncan’s face when he saw his bride during their first look was priceless. He was completely speechless for a few moments and…